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Diamondabcks, Young Close To Extension

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The Diamondbacks and Chris Young are closing in on what is believed to be a six year contract worth close to thirty-million dollars. I think it will be similar to Troy Tulowitzki's deal, but probably closer to twenty-two or three million dollars. A six year deal would lock up Young through his first year of free agency, and it would allow the Diamondbacks to focus on some of their other young players. Last season, Young hit .237 with 32 HR and had 27 SB, and if off to another poor start average wise this season. I do not see Young reaching the .280 or .290 mark in his career, but he could eventually get around .260 or .270.

I think the Diamondbacks are determined to keep this team together. I have not talked to Josh Byrnes since before Spring Training, but the Diamondbacks have several solid young players that they plan to lock up in hopes of holding the top of the division for the next several years to come.