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Did The Cubs Throw The 1918 World Series?

A newly found affidavit from the 1920 Grand Jury hearings has claims that the Cubs may have thrown the 1918 World Series against the Red Sox. White Sox pitcher Eddie Cicotte told 1920 Cook Country Grand Jury that the Cubs influenced the Sox. The idea came up on a train ride from New York, when they said the previous years Series was fixed, according to players. Well it is not certain that gamblers fixed the Series, Charles Comiskey's right hand man, Harry Grabiner, supposedly indicated in his lost diaries that the 1918 series was fixed. Taking a look at the box scores, they definitely support the claim:

"The Cubs were picked off three times, including twice in the decisive Game 6. That game was lost, 2-1, on a 2-run error by Cubs right fielder Max Flack. Game 4 had been tied, 2-2, in the eighth inning, when Cubs pitcher Shufflin' Phil Douglas gave up a single, followed by a passed ball, followed by an errant throw on a bunt attempt that allowed the winning run to score."

This is some pretty serious information, and I wonder if anything will be made of it. Maybe it is karma from the 1918 series that the Cubs haven't won since 1908. It is too bad though that the Cubs are hitting the century mark instead of the 90-year mark. Either way, it is still a long time.