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Fantasy: Stock Rising or Falling

The latest feature to MLB Rumors is here, and will be brought to you throughout the season to help you with your fantasy teams.

Howie Kendrick, Angels
- Kendrick was either drafted late or undrafted in several drafts that I participated in and I think owners are starting to realize that he is the real deal. He did very well in a limited role last year but he is off to a great start.
Jon Danks, White Sox
- Coming into Spring Training, I thought the White Sox were making a mistake naming him to the rotation. However, he pitched very well in Spring Training and had an excellent season debut. He could have a 'Dustin McGowan' like year in 2008.
Hiroki Kuroda, Dodgers
- Many thought Kuroda would bust to some extent like Igawa did last year for the Yankees. However, he had a great spring and dominated the Padres last night. He is someone to watch for this week.

Honorable Mention:
Bill Hall, Brewers and Joe Crede, White Sox.

Eric Chavez, Athletics
The Athletics decided to not play Chavez until he was completely healthy, but he faced another setback and will likely be out even longer.

Barry Zito, Giants
Zito struggled in his season debut and saw less velocity on his fastball. Lack of run support and a poor bullpen will hurt the pitcher who already seems to be on the decline.

Juan Pierre, Dodgers
- He is not the best fantasy guy if you do not have stolen bases, but he is not playing as much as he would be. I have talked to some scouts that think it might throw him off some, bringing down his stats.

Honorable Mention: Jose Canseco.