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From the Papers: Bonds and Thomas

  • The San Francisco Chronicle is speculating that the Athletics would add either Bonds or Thomas (or both!), to continue their run to the playoffs. Despite Frank Thomas walking out the A's last season, David Frost said their will probably be a discussion about him. Both would put even more people in the crowd.
  • The Dallas Morning News is reporting that the Rangers have little interest in bringing in Frank Thomas. The Rangers were interested in Thomas before 2007, but they are not showing any interest now.
  • The Seattle Post-Intelligencer is reporting that the Mariners will take a look at Thomas now that he is available. You know they have some interest in Bonds, but now that Thomas is available, it makes sense to bring him in because he is less of a distraction.
  • The Arlington Heights Daily Herald suggests that the Rays, A's, and Twins will all be in on the Thomas hunt. With Floyd out for the Rays, they make a lot of sense.

We'll probably find a new team for Thomas before the end of the month, if not a week into May. Otherwise, they might give him a game or two to find his swing in Triple-A.