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Giles Backs Out Of Dodgers Deal

According to the LA Times, Marcus Giles was heading to Triple-A Las Vegas for the Dodgers to play games at third base before his call up but changed his mind. The Dodgers plan was to play him at third for a week or so, then call him up to play while their regular third baseman are down. Giles, though, had a change of heart and is now considering retirement. This probably makes the Dodgers very frustrated who called off discussions with both Scott Spezio and Alex Cintron to sign Giles. Now, they must go back to square one. I think Chin-Lung Hu would be a good option, if they go to in-house options. Maybe they would try to reacquire Wilson Betemit, who they traded to the Yankees last season. Other than that, they will likely play Blake DeWitt.