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Headlines At A Glance

  • Jayson Stark believes that Bonds will be signed once one of the fourteen AL DH's goes down with an injury. Gary Sheffield could be out longer than expected, so the Tigers could sign him. Joel Sherman of the NY Post thinks the Blue Jays would be nice fit. Signing him would be a way to show the fans they that are really serious about winning. They are in a good position as it is.

  • Stark went on to say that Ryan Howard is looking for more money that the Phillies originally thought. The Phillies will likely pay him, but it could lead to a trade. They have Chase Utley and Jimmy Rollins, but Howard really does anchor that offense.

  • Claudio Vargas and Robinson Tejeda are not drawing too much interest from the Mets, but David Wells is. One NL executive said the Mets would like to have a veteran like Wells in their rotation. Wells pitched decent for the Dodgers and Padres last season, but the Mets are probably better off going after someone like Jon Lieber.

  • The Red Sox are looking for another catcher, according to writer Buster Olney. There are not too many catchers out there that could handle the knuckle ball, so it would make sense to bring Mirabelli back. One possibility is Henry Blanco, but the Cubs really like what he is doing with Soto. It is obvious that Jason Varitek is slowing down, and maybe going after someone like Bryan Anderson of the Cardinals would work. Anderson is blocked by Molina and probably won't get a chance to start there.

  • The Washington Post believes the Tigers will watch Jon Rauch very closely. However, with Chad Cordero battling injuries, the Nationals might hold on to him. Yes, it is possible they would like to add a prospect or so, but the Nationals are not in that situation anymore. They have put together are pretty solid team, with up and coming stars John Lannan, Elijah Dukes, and Lastings Milledge coming into form.