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Interview with Nick Adenhart

A couple of weeks ago, I placed a call to the Salt Lake Bees about possibly interviewing Nick Green and Nick Adenhart. After being sent to a couple different people, we were finally able to get it done. Both Green and Adenhart are off to good starts this season, and I, like many Angels fans, look forward to seeing them in the MLB. The interview had to be cut down because of time, but they seem like good guys nonetheless. I want to thank them for doing this for me and I also want to thank Hannah Lee of the Salt Lake Bees for getting this done, I really appreciate it.

ELI: Your senior year in high school you suffered an injury to your elbow. Did you consider stop playing baseball after that?

NICK: No. I love baseball and I never considered stop playing.

ELI: You were in Spring Training with the Angels this season, was there any pitcher in particular that helped you out a lot?

NICK: No one in particular. It was a great experience and I learned a lot from everyone there.

ELI: If you could be another athlete for a day, who would it be, and under what circumstance?

NICK: That's a tough one. I don't know that I'd be anyone else, but if there was another sport I'd play it would be basketball.

ELI: Best feeling you've ever had since your baseball career starter and under what circumstance? Being called up? Good game?

NICK: Being invited to major league camp was the best feeling, that was very exciting.