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Is Uggla Next To Go?

The Marlins refuse to raise their payroll, and with several players becoming arbitration eligible, another minor fire sale could be coming. Dan Uggla looks like the person most likely to be traded, mostly because the Marlins have two prospects that will be ready in 2009 or 2010. Prospect Chris Coghlan and Robert Andino both have a lot of upside and could see time in the MLB in September if the Marlins fall in the standings. Uggla can hit for power, but if he cannot bring his average up, he probably won't bring back much meaning the Marlins might be able to retain him.

As for possible options, the Rockies seem like a perfect fit. Although they have Jayson Nix, he certainly didn't show the Rockies much. The Rockies could ship blocked prospect Ian Stewart along with two or three more and bring in someone who could possibly hit thirty-five to forty homeruns. He would be perfect for their offense. The Dodgers seem like a good fit, but they seem more set on giving their prospects a shot.