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Mailbag: The Draft

This mailbag is all about the Draft, with a little bit on Kenny Lofton. Thanks everyone for participating.

Q: Last year, you interviewed David Price before the draft. Do you have any plans for any of the guys in the draft this year?

Derrick L., San Diego, California

ELI: David Price was a great interview. I have started my offense on lining up as many interviews I can, and have made contact with several teams and players. Hopefully, I can get a couple first rounders on the site before the draft.

Q: Who do you see going number one in the draft this year?

Kevin M., Syracuse, New York

ELI: The Rays have the first pick again, but I do not see them picking someone from Vanderbilt again. Pedro Alvarez is a great player, but he recently injured his wrist. I think they will take another pitcher, and will probably go with Brian Matusz from San Diego or Aaron Crow from Missouri. If I had to take a pick, I would probably go with Aaron Crow.

Q: Tell me a little bit about Tim Beckham? Is he the real deal?

Gerald J., Atlanta, Georgia

ELI: He is probably the top high schooler in the draft, but probably won't go number one. He has the potential to be a five tool shortstop, but he is not as spectacular as the Upton's were when they were taken out of high school.

Q: Will Kenny Lofton be signed, and where do you think he will go?

Aaron H., Geneva, Illinois

ELI: I thought Kenny Lofton would have been signed by now, but he is struggling to find a home. Several teams have reached out for him, but he has declined. I think he is waiting for a playoff bound team to make a move.

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