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Padres Peavy Likes Lofton

Padres ave Jake Peavy made his pitch for outfielder Kenny Lofton yesterday calling him the spark the team needs. Peavy is 3-0 this season with a 2.00 ERA, but I do not think he is at a point in his career where he can say, "I want this guy," and it will happen. There are not too many guys out there that can do that, not even managers. However, it is possible that the Padres will actually go after Lofton for their outfield. The three outfielders are hitting a combined .227 and adding Lofton, a contact hitter, to play left and center would really spark the offense.

It is possible the Padres would dump Jim Edmonds if he doesn't find his swing. He is patrolling a big outfield and with the Diamondbacks playing well, adding someone at the top of the order who can play defense would really help their chances of making the playoffs. There are no replacements in Triple-A with their two top prospects struggling, so Lofton seems likes the answer, at least till the trade deadline.