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Peavy Throws Two Hit Gem

For the first time since 2006, Jake Peavy threw a complete game two hitter. Peavy was allowed to throw 116 pitches, so he will likely be limited in his next start, but you have to love this from your ace if you are a Padres fan. To come back strong again and pick up your second win, while limiting a the Dodgers to just two hits and one, controversial run is great. The Padres have Jake Peavy locked up till 2012, with a 22 million dollar club option for 2013, so if the Padres can build on the impressive rotation they already have, I think they can push it to the next level.

The Padres minor league system is very underrated, with players like Matt Antonelli and Chase Headley going unnoticed. These guys are going to splash on the scene next season in left and at second base and will make this team alot better. Not only that, but they have a couple solid young pitchers, who will probably see time in September to work with some of the other pitchers, specifically Greg Maddux. They have money to spend, and could go out and sign someone like Ben Sheets or A.J. Burnett, if he decides to opt out. The Padres are still connected to Jason Bay of the Pirates, and could easily land him at the trade deadline. Kevin Kouzmanoff is coming into form, and is in for a breakout year. This team always finds a way to be good, and I expect them to compete for the division for the next several years.