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Pedro Out, Harden In?

According to the SF Chronicle, the Mets are interested in Athletics starting pitcher Rich Harden. Harden has pitched well this year (including Spring Training), and would likely benefit even more with an NL team. I think this is a case of Omar Minaya being desperate and trying to get his team into the World Series. It is obvious that the Johan addition will not put them over the top, or even into the playoffs. I think Harden would definitely help, but at what price. They already dumped several highly rated prospects to the Twins, and I doubt they would part with any more for him. The A's would probably ask for Fernando Martinez, but probably would not be able to get him. However, if the Mets pile together a group of solid low level prospects, maybe one soon to be ready, the A's might take it. I think the A's have a better chance to get something from the Cardinals or Yankees though. If I had to guess when this would happen, I would say around the deadline, with a lot more teams interested.