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Pirates Mentality Need To Change

The Pirates organization is determined to winning in 2008, but the Pirates are 9-14, and just do not have what it takes to beat out the Cardinals, Brewers, Cubs, or even Astros right now. The Reds are off to a poor start, but they will likely turn it around next month. The Pirates have several players they could trade for boatloads of prospects. Let's start with Xavier Nady, who is currently hitting .344 with 4 HR. He has drawn interest from the Mets, Padres, and Indians, but the Indians are reportedly showing the most interest right now. The Indians are struggling, and with the Tigers heating up, they need an improvement who can help them get in a rhythm. They nearly traded for Jason Bay last off season, but that deal fell through.

However, Bay continues to draw interest from the Padres. Their outfield is hitting .227 and adding Bay would give them a solid left fielder who would provide protection for Adrian Jackson in the lineup. Bay is on the outs with Pirates executives, but is hitting .269 with 5 HR. The Padres outfield is aging, so there is no need to worry that an outfield prospect would be blocked. Bay has struggled at PETCO, but hits very well at all the other NL West stadiums. He is an investment the Padres should seriously consider taking.

The Pirates need the prospects if they want to seriously contend in the division. The Reds, Cubs, and Brewers all have young players ready to step into big roles while the Astros have the hitting, but don't have any pitchers. The Cardinals, although they do not look great on paper, always seem to find a way to compete.