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Quintero Likely On The Move

Astros catcher Humberto Quintero was designated for assignment, giving the Astros till Wednesday to trade, release, or assign him to the minors. Quintero is a career .233 hitter with 3 HR, but is above average defensively. I doubt the Red Sox would add him because he is about equal, if not worse to Doug Mirabelli, who is also available. However, the Reds were looking for a catcher and could add him for his defense. Quintero seems suited for the minors until an injury opens a spot for him, so we could see the Astros hold on to him as insurance.

In yesterday's game versus the Cubs, Chris Sampson did a very good job against the Cubs through six and two-thirds of an inning. He threw 49 of 71 pitches for strikes, which is also impressive. To me, this is a great outing from a number five starter. To be able to get him to the seventh inning with a lead, goes along way for your club. If he can stay consistent like this, he could really help this team in the later months of the season.