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Report: Blue Jays Release Thomas

According to ESPNews, the Blue Jays are set to released DH Frank Thomas. This comes just days after being bench for hitting .167 with 3 HR. This is very surprising because historically, Thomas is not very good in April or May, but starts to heat up in June. He hit .277 with 26 homeruns last season, but coming into June 1st was hitting .221 with 8 HR. From that point on he hit .301 with 18 HR, so he can definitely still hit, he is just off to a slow start.

The Tigers and Mariners are the two best destinations. The Mariners really need a right handed power hitter to complement hot hitting lefty Raul Ibanez. Gary Sheffield of the Tigers could be out for an extended amount of time, so Thomas is an option there. Don't be surprised if a team like the Yankees comes in and makes a play. Jason Giambi is not playing well right now and he could platoon with Johnny Damon at first. This would give Hideki Matsui, who is off to a good start, more at-bats. Maybe it is a stretch, but if Thomas is going to put up similar numbers, he could be the X-factor that gives them the division.