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Rockies Designate Nix, Giles Back?

The Rockies designated Jayson Nix for assignment yesterday calling up traveled pitcher Jose Capellan; however, it is possible that they will bring back Marcus Giles if Clint Barmes continues to struggle. Barmes is 2-19 in his last six games, so the Rockies might move him back to a reduced role where he was thriving. Nix was hitting .111 with 0 HR in seventeen games this season, but will likely return to Triple-A to find his swing. The Rockies would have been smart to start him in Triple-A so he could find his swing and get his confidence up and then call him up. That worked with Ryan Braun and Evan Longoria, so far. Rockies pitching had a good year this year and if Aaron Cook can step into a big role and balance out Morales and Jimenez, they will be in good shape.