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What A Bargain?

The Cardinals needed a pitcher all offseason and finally went out and signed Kyle Lohse to a reduced price midway through Spring Training. Tony La Russa really fired up Kyle Lohse and Lohse might be in for a breakout year. "Tony's talked to us about not taking a night off or day off, and I think that's what we've done," Lohse said. "Even in spring training, from what I saw, guys were out there playing the game the right way. We've won some tight games at home, and that's what it takes." He is in a contract year, again, and may want to prove himself so he can get that big contract that he was hoping for in the offseason. He has pitched a total of 12 innings this season with an ERA of 0.00, and a K/BB of 5/4. Rick Ankiel is turning out to be better than expected and this team could easily sneak up on the Brewers or Cubs in the later months, especially if Chris Carpenter can come back healthy. The bullpen has been solid for them, and hitting has stayed strong, making this another good team in the NL Central.

Lohse has been going undrafted in most drafts I have been in, but if he puts together another solid outing, I'm sure a couple owners will pick him up. Good run production is all Lohse needs because he is familiar with the league and wants to prove that he can be successful. I wouldn't say pick him up if he gets another win, but watch his totals and see if they are significant enough to help out your team.