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Where Will Helms Go?

Recent reports have surfaced today suggesting that both the Dodgers and Giants are waning in their interest of Wes Helms. Helms, who was recently released by the Phillies, would probably help the Giants, but the Dodgers have other in-house options. Helms signed a two year contract in 2006 worth 5.45 million, but really did not live up to it in 2007. Because of it, the Phillies went out and signed Pedro Feliz, leaving Greg Dobbs and Helms out of a job. GM Pat Gillick tried trading Helms to several different teams, but could not find a trade to work.

The Marlins seem like a perfect fit, but the money might push them away. If the Phillies would pick up a portion of the salary, he could help out at third base for the 2008 season. I think it is time that they increase their payroll a little bit. They are going to have to either sign Hanley Ramirez or trade him, so an increase is imminent. Jack Hannahan is off to a good start, so I doubt the A's would make a move on Helms. The Giants might be saying they are not interested to avoid a trade, and then they would come in and sign him when he is a free agent. However, you would think they would make a trade so the Phillies would pick up some of the contract.