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Will Snyder Be Traded?

Although the Red Sox did not confirm it to the media, Kyle Snyder told the Boston Globe he was designated for assignment to make room for Josh Beckett. Snyder, 30, is out of options and cannot be sent to Triple-A. He struggled in in two games for the Red Sox this season, but had a solid 2007 season for them. He is not much of a late inning reliever, but his experience in the league could find him a job quick. The Tigers are desperate for bullpen help and could add him, but they are looking for a late inning reliever, along with someone with a history of being slightly more effective. The Pirates, who are shopping Matt Morris, might be looking to add a pitcher. Rule V pick Evan Meek will likely be pushed into a reduced role while Gorzelanny and Maholm are being held back on pitch counts because of minor arm problems. However, I doubt the Pirates make a move because they are not desperate for help like other teams. Snyder will be pushed through waivers, so we will know more then about who is interested, but he is likely to stay with the Red Sox.