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Around the Majors

All is quiet on the baseball front today. Here is what is making news on this Saturday:

  • Lou Piniella's frustration with Rich Hill could lead to them sending him down to Triple-A, according to a source. It is mostly speculation on his part, but he cited examples of it happening. That would allow them to move Jon Lieber into the rotation and call up prospect Sean Gallagher, who is 2-2 with a 3.10 ERA and a K/BB of 30/9.
  • Tom Gorzelanny will skip his next start with the Pirates because of back problems. Does anybody remember this 'Buyer's Beware?'
  • Phil Hughes will be out till the All-Star break, but when he returns he will wear glasses to get rid of the glare during night games.
  • Andy Sonnanstine is going to be the X-factor for the Rays this season as they try to make the playoffs for the first time ever. The Red Sox are making a push back, but Jon Lester and Clay Buchholz are question marks. If Kazmir can come back strong, and Schields, Jackson, and Sonnanstine pitch well, we could be in for a historic summer.
  • What is the Cardinals secret? Who would have thought that Braden Looper and Kyle Lohse would back up Adam Wainwright so well? Not to mention Skip Schumaker successfully taking over in right field.
  • Lonnie Chisenhall is starting to make some noise in the Junior College prospect lists over at Baseball America. His off field distractions are behind him and if he continues to hit well, we could see him go early.