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Fantasy: Stock Rising or Falling

The third addition of Stock Rising or Falling:

Evan Longoria, Rays: Although he is batting .247, Longoria is turning into Mr. Clutch for the Rays. If he has not been picked up in your league, sign him soon.

Bengie Molina, Giants: Molina would be a great pick up for your team right now if available. He is batting .652 over the past six games and is really carrying the Giants. If you have a surplus of pitching, he would be a cheap pick up.

Jesse Litsch, Blue Jays: Litsch was good was for the Blue Jays last year but is off to an excellent start this year. He pitched a complete game in his last start to improve to 6-1.

Honorable Mention: Jason Bay, Pirates

Fausto Carmona, Indians: A hip injury has sidelined him for over a month.

Willie Randolph, Mets: He has a meeting with owners next week to talk about his job, and if things go bad, he could be gone.

Colorado Rockies: They are ten games out of first and are now without Tulowitzki, Barmes, Hawpe, and Matt Holliday.