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Giants Fire Sale Update

The Giants are starting to make some noise about a fire sale. Here is what they are doing as of late:
  • Giants GM Brian Sabean recently told reporters that veteran players Randy Winn, Ray Durham, and Rich Aurilia are all available. All three are not big impact players, but could be picked up if there is an injury on a different team.
  • The Giants have some interest in Angels DH Juan Rivera, but nothing is serious just yet.
  • The Giants have told several teams that all relievers except Brian Wilson are available. So take your pick of Tyler Walker, Jack Taschner and Vinnie Chulk. Sabean also said that Triple-A pitchers Erick Threets and Brad Hennessey are available as well.
The Giants really don't have much to offer when it comes to trades. What they need to do is trade what they can for some low level prospects and hope they can live up to their potential. It is hard to say with the draft, but I recommend taking the best college player available when there spot comes and hope he can make it to the MLB by 2011 or 2012, at the latest.