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Hernandez to Reds?

The Orioles first round draft pick last year Matt Wieters is tearing it up in Single-A batting .338 with 11 HR and 29 RBI in 40 games this season. He has a call up to Double-A in his future and could see time in the MLB if he does well. That is the beauty of drafting a solid player out of college. Most first round picks out of college already have the ability to play at the level of Single or Double-A players, so they jump into the minors and nothing changes. Ramon Hernandez is batting .209 with 3 HR in 35 games this season and won't be eligible for free agency until 2009. The Reds have one unproven catching prospect in Devin Mesoraco, but he won't be ready for a couple years. The Reds currently have Paul Bako starting at catcher, and Hernandez would definitely be an upgrade.

It may take a pitcher or two to satisfy the Orioles, who typically demand a lot in trades. It is possible the Reds and Orioles would swap big salaries and trade Bronson Arroyo. Arroyo is making 3.95 in 2008, but will make 9.5 in '09 and 11 '10. Hernandez is making between 9-10 million over the next two years, so they would match up pretty well. And a change a scenery could benefit both.