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Lofton to Mets?

Free agent outfielder Kenny Lofton has been rumored going just about everywhere since the beginning of last off season, but might finally be closing in on a home. The Mets are in need of a back up outfielder who can play everyday, mostly to protect Moises Alou. Lofton's speed, consistency at the plate, and above average fielding make him a good, low risk pick up for the Mets.

This signing would likely make Randolph's job a little bit easier, mostly because it would allow him to shake up the lineup. No deal appears imminent, and don't be surprised if the Cubs swooped in and made a move. Jim Edmonds is playing worse than prospect Felix Pie was and bringing in Lofton would allow the Cubs to drop Edmonds and play Lofton, who had great success in Chicago. This is speculation on my part, but it definitely makes sense. Lofton is a career