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Millwood to Braves?

The Braves will need a replacement in their rotation when John Smoltz heads to the bullpen, and are reportedly looking at Kevin Millwood of the Rangers. So far this season, Millwood is 2-2 with a 3.86 ERA and 27 K. The Rangers and Braves are on pretty good trade terms at the moment, so a deal going down in the next month or so doesn't seem unlikely. However, Millwood has a big contract and that might be hard to convince the Braves to take that on.

A more likely option for the Braves would be Jon Lieber of the Cubs. Lieber is doing very well for the Cubs but might be able to pry him at the deadline for a prospect or two. Another possible option is Josh Fogg of the Reds, who appears on the outs with GM Walk Jocketty.

Rockies sign Castro: To help out with Tulowitzki down, the Rockies have signed Juan Castro to a minor league deal. The Padres and Dodgers were also interested.