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The Morning Word: Top Five Managers To Be Fired

Several managers are off to rocky starts this season and are on the firing line. Here is a look at the top five candidates:

1. John McLaren, Mariners
- John McLaren did a good job for the Mariners towards the end of last season, but is not off to a good start this season, even with the improvements of GM Bill Bavasi. With Bavasi on the wire as well, he may look to shake things up and fire McLaren, who could easily be replaced by former manager and current bench coach Jim Riggleman.

2. Ned Yost, Brewers
- Ned Yost's aggressive attitude in the clubhouse and on the field has turned some players off, in turn, dampening the mood in the clubhouse. Ryan Braun and Prince Fielder have expressed a lack of confidence and that comes directly from the manager's attitude in the clubhouse.

3. Willie Randolph, Mets
- The Mets stacked lineup and solid pitching should have given them the easy ride to the playoffs, but manager Willie Randolph has not been able to put it together. Not only has he compiled a 22-23 record, 4th in the NL East, but he continues to dig a deep hole with New York media. Eliminating his distraction alone could turn this team around.

4. Bud Black, Padres
- The Padres have the worst record in baseball and they will soon have to look for someone to blame. General manager Kevin Towers is the longest tenured GM in baseball and is very close with manager Bud Black, so this isn't imminent. But, if the offense does not pick up, expect a move to shake things up.

5. Ron Washington, Rangers
- A couple weeks ago, the Rangers were a total mess. They were not showing any signs of life on the field or in the clubhouse. With the offense asleep, it looked as if Washington was going to be fired. However, the Rangers are starting to turn it around and are now just one game under .500. Still, the Rangers' plan to bring in play their young players should be under the guidance of an experienced manager, and it appears President Nolan Ryan knows that and will make a move when he feels the time is right.