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News and Notes: Rays Eye Michaels

The Indians designated Jason Michaels for assignment and he is already drawing interest. The Rays, who need help from the right side of the plate, could use his bat at the plate and at all three outfield positions, if needed. Michaels is hitting just .207 this season but is a career .277 hitter. He has been an average hitter all his career, but he could help the Rays from the bench. The Rays are also looking at Jacque Jones, Brad Wilkerson, and Kenny Lofton. What about Sammy Sosa or Barry Bonds? Probably not. The main reason Bonds has not been signed is because no one wants to pay 15-20 million for one year to a guy who will hit between .260-.280 with 20-30 homeruns -- not to mention the cloud of reporters he would bring to the clubhouse. If he could still hit 40 or maybe 50 homeruns he would be valuable, but until he lowers his asking price, he won't be signed.

Griffey looks Seattle bound: It is becoming more and more apparent the Ken Griffey will be dealt at the deadline. The Mariners and Griffey have acknowledged a Seattle reunion, making the deal likely. As for Adam Dunn, it is possible the Red Sox would trade move J.D. Drew elsewhere and bring on Dunn.

Catalanotto to Yankees?:
According to the Dallas Morning News, the Rangers may send Catalanotto and Laird to the Yankees for a couple of prospects. This would give the Yankees a solid catcher and first baseman while opening up the way for catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia.

Pudge out, Inge In?:
Brandon Inge is willing to be the Tigers full time catcher if the Tigers are not willing to pay Ivan Rodriguez to stay any more. That appears likely considering his offense and defense have been slipping.

Perez out of New York?:
Perez is 2-3 this season and people are calling his maturity the main reason he is not successful. I doubt they ship him out, but they might need to work with him to help him better find his focus. The impending free agency might be a problem though.