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Rays Extend Kazmir

The Rays and Scott Kazmir have agreed to a four year extension guaranteeing him 28.5 million dollars. The deal holds a club option for 2012, which would guaranteed him 39.5 million and lock him up for his first year of free agency. This is a great deal for the first place Rays, who are finally starting to see their talent shine. With older teams like the Red Sox and Yankees getting off to slow starts, the Rays have a legitimate chance at the playoffs. The pitching rotation is solid, and will only get better with young pitchers Jacob McGee, Wade Davis, and David Price coming up soon. Kazmir hasn't been given too much run support over the past couple years, but has still found a way to put up good numbers. If he stays healthy for the rest of the season and the Rays continue to play like they are playing, he should be in for a big year.