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Rockies Looking For Pitching

According to the Denver Post, the Rockies are kicking the tires on three possible pitchers to come in and help their struggling staff.
  • The Dragon Slayer, Josh Fogg was great for the Rockies last year and everyone would probably welcome a return. He is struggling with the Reds so far this season, but returning somewhere he is comfortable could turn that all around.
  • Julian Tavarez has struggling in seven games this season, but is one of the best spot starters in the league. He once pitched for the Rockies, so he if probably familiar with their style and philosophy.
  • Kevin Millwood of the Rangers has come up recently in talks, but the Rangers are not looking for someone to take a salary, they are looking to get good players in return.
They have also looked at Rich Harden and Joe Blanton, but nothing has come of that yet. They remain a favorite to land Blanton, in my eyes. The Rockies need for pitching could push a deal to get done soon, probably for Josh Fogg.