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Rosenthal: Delgado, Sexson, Crisp, Byrd

Ken Rosenthal has some good ideas in his Latest Full Count:
  • With Carlos Delgado and Richie Sexson both struggling, Rosenthal suggests the idea of swapping the struggling first basemans. Delgado is hitting .228 with 5 HR while Sexson is hitting .197 with 7 HR. Sexson is making 14 million in the final year of his contract while Delgado is making 16, with a four million dollar buyout for 2009. If the Mets were to include cash with the deal, it makes perfect sense.
  • The Red Sox would be smart to hold onto Coco Crisp until the offseason, because free agent center fielders are not abundant like last off season. A team desperate for a good center fielder might offer something worth the Red Sox while.
  • When Jake Westbrook comes off the DL, the Indians will have a crowded pitching staff. Rosenthal believes they will want to keep Aaron Laffey in the rotation, forcing the veteran Paul Byrd out. The Brewers are looking for pitching and could offer a low level prospect or two for Byrd to help their pitching. The Indians, in turn, could use that prospect, along with others, to go out and land a bigger name player to help their offense. Perhaps Garrett Atkins or Brian Roberts.