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Thames To Padres, Mets?

The Tigers have informed teams that Marcus Thames is available, despite more at-bats being available in the Tigers lineup. With Gary Sheffield in left field, the DH spot is open for several different hitters, and Thames seems like the obvious choice for that spot. However, the Mets have shown serious interest in Thames and could trade him to the Mets for bullpen help. With Angel Pagan and Ryan Church playing well though, that possibility doesn't seem likely.

The Padres, on the other hand, need an outfielder as they are struggling to generate runs. Paul McAnulty is hitting just .221 with 2 HR, and really isn't the kind of player that should be playing everyday. Thames is hitting .260 with 2 HR, but playing everyday and in the National League could improve that. The Padres have a reliever or two that they could spare, and if I were them, I would make the move.