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Wells Breaks Wrist

Blue Jays outfielder Vernon Wells broke his wrist and will miss the next six to eight weeks. Wells, who is currently hitting .281 with 5 HR, is a big part of the Blue Jays lineup and you hate to see him go down. The Blue Jays made two upgrades yesterday with Wilkerson and Mench, so they will probably split time in right. Wrist injuries are pretty bad, but most players come back and recover pretty well.

Derrek Lee had a similar injury in 2006 and missed most of the season, but didn't find his power swing until this season. He was a good hitter in 2007, but only hit 22 homeruns. I expect something similar to Wells, mostly because they are both power hitters. Blue Jay pitchers are doing very well, but the offense has not come around. With Wells out, they are going to have to step up even more.

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