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What A Story: Lester Throws No-Hitter

Not two years ago, Jon Lester was sitting at his Boston home wondering if his career was over. It was then that Jon Lester was diagnosed with large cell lymphoma, and it was uncertain how long it would take to recover. When he was clear to play before the start of the 2007 season, the Red Sox planned to work him in very slowly, hoping he would find his 'top prospect' stuff. During the 2007 season, Lester worked his way through the minors building up his stamina and arm strength, and was surprisingly overpowering most hitters. He made his debut in 2007 and helped the Red Sox win the World Series against the Rockies. Lester wass 3-2 with a 3.41 ERA and 42 K before his last start tonight, in which he threw a no-hitter. Although he walked two, he did not surrender a hit or run. The last hitter to be thrown was also by a Red Sox, and it was by his close friend Clay Buchholz. The Red Sox expect these two to lead the rotation in a couple years. With no-hitters under their belts, they will be more than ready.

Another great story, although not nearly as exciting, came in Houston. Cubs catcher Geovany Soto has been with the Cubs since 2001, when he was taken out of Puerto Rico at the age of 18. He was once regarded as the future catcher of the Cubs, before a couple years ago when the Cubs felt he would never be ready. In 2007, Soto lost nearly thirty pounds and came back showing that he could be the everyday catcher. He won the Pacific Coast MVP and came up and helped the Cubs in the playoffs. Soto was hitting .321 with 8 HR before tonight's game, where he added an inside the park homerun, and caught a great game to get the Cubs the win.

A great day in baseball.