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Braves Looking For Pitching?

According to Ken Rosenthal, the Braves called the Athletics about Joe Blanton and were shut down. The A's asking price is way higher than the Braves imagined, and it should come as no surprise if you look at it from an A's perspective. They are playing good baseball and it might get even better if Carlos Gonzalez continues to play well. Not to mention the return of third baseman Eric Chavez. The A's do not have to move payroll at the moment, and they are not that far out of first to call it a lost season. At least till the trade deadline, the A's can sell high and hope a desperate team like the Braves will come in and offer a boatload of prospects for one.

Other teams that are expected to be in on Blanton or Harden include the Rockies, who seem most interested to make a big move, the Tigers, Reds, Yankees, and Dodgers.