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Brewers Hall Wants Out

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Brewers third baseman Bill Hall is struggling with the Brewers and has been demoted to a platoon role. He has struggled since being reduced and it has lead to him asking for a trade. Although Hall has struggled versus righties, he would make for a good addition on a struggling team. He is batting .227 with 9 HR in 51 games, but is a career .261 hitter in 678 games.

If Ryan Zimmerman goes down for an extended amount of time, the Nationals could make a move for Hall. The Mariners could use Hall out in right field and at their DH spot. Any change for the Mariners would be good now. I have mentioned the Giants before as possible suitors, and they might finally make a move if the Brewers look to dump him. Hall will be traded soon, maybe within the next week, but definitely by the end of the month.