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Draft Roundup

The Draft is less than a week away and here is what is making news:
  • Jake Odorizzi continues to draw interest from the Rockies and Cubs as either a late first round pick or second round pick. I talked with one executive who said the Cubs would not let this guy fall past their supplemental first round pick at forty first overall.
  • The Dodgers are very interested in Zack Collier at the number fifteen pick overall. St. Louis reportedly has interest in him as well.
  • The Reds are strongly considering Brett Lawrie at the number seven pick. That is, of course, assuming Alvarez, Beckham, and Matusz are taken by then.
  • Eric Hosmer's name is coming up around the eight and nine spot with Chicago and Washington. Signability issues might drop him farther though, possibly to Milwaukee at sixteen or New York at eighteen. Anywhere past that would be a big surprise.
  • Gordon Beckham is drawing serious interest from the Giants at the number five spot. If the draft goes Posey, Beckham, Alvarez, Matusz, then Beckham will go five.
  • Aaron Hicks and Anthony Gase have informed teams that they are willing to sign as a hitter. Hicks is a candidate for the Cardinals after he put together a good workout for them.
Courtesy of Keith Law