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MLB Draft: Brian Matusz

Matusz is the best lefty pitcher in the draft, despite his slow start this season. His fastball has solid downward movement, which is nice to see coming out of college. Unlike other lefties in previous drafts, Matusz's windup is compact, meaning he keeps the ball centered and does not fall too far off the mound when he throws. That allows for good movement on his pitches, which should be key as he progresses through the minors. His curveball is a strikeout pitch, and it is similar to Ben Sheets'. His change up is better against lefties, but it works for righties too. All four of his pitches are average, but there is room for improvement.

What to expect: At most, he will be number one or two starter. However, if his pitches don't improve, he might be a three or four starter. He is comfortable with all four of his pitches which should keep him out of the bullpen in the majors, but it is unclear if he will make it as a front of the line starter.