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MLB Draft: Pedro Alvarez

Alvarez is the best hitter coming into this years draft, despite the injury he suffered in his hand this season. He has above average power, having compiled 40 homeruns over two seasons (06-07). He might never return to the power he had now making the move to wooden bats, but will probably hit close to twenty homeruns annually once he makes it. His coach said he has passion for the game which will allow him to make the proper adjustments to move forward quickly. He has average range at third baseman, and if he struggles in the minors, they will likely move him to first base. Signability is an issue, but he probably won't slip past the top five.

What to expect: He is the best hitter coming into the draft, and should rise in the minors faster than most. Expect him to hit for a high average with about twenty homeruns annually. He reminds me a little of Robinson Cano.