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MLB Draft: Yonder Alonso

Alonso is one of the best hitters in the draft coming out of college this year. He already looks like a major league hitter with a good idea of the strike zone. Although he has an open stance, he has a compact swing which should only improve with more experience. His defense is adequate, but he isn't fast enough to move to the outfield despite a strong arm. His future might be as a DH if he really struggles, but his hitting is expected to outweigh the fielding. He is taking the ball to the opposite fielding mostly, so he needs to learn to pull the ball. Once he does that, the sky is his ceiling.

What to expect: His power will come, but it might take a year to settle into wood bats full time. He has the potential to hit 30 homeruns annually with a high average. He doesn't fit the typical 'power hitting lefty' who strikes out a lot -- he has great patience.