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Quick Hits: Lofton, Roberts, Bedard, Viciedo

Quick Hits:
  • Kenny Lofton is starting to pick up more interest on the market. The White Sox are somewhat interested, but will likely test some of their minor leaguers out first. Jerry Owens is fast and an above average fielder, so he could make for a good addition with the Sox.
  • The Brian Roberts talks are back and Ken Rosenthal suggests a move to the Brewers for Rickie Weeks would be good. It would give the Brewers the leadoff man they need, and it would give the Orioles a young, hard hitting second baseman.
  • The Mariners might consider trading Bedard at the deadline if he expresses no desire to come back with the club. He has had some trouble adjusting to catcher Kenji Johjima, who recently signed a three year deal.
  • Cuban star Dayan Viciedo is in Miami and might work out for a couple of baseball teams over the next month. He can be signed after July 1st, and it would be interesting to see who reaches out and signs him.