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Quick Hits: Orioles, Chacon, Bonds, Mariners

Quick Hits:
  • The Orioles could become a playoff contender with the addition of Mark Teixeira. He would help lead the youth movement in Baltimore with a plethora of pitchers in Brian Matusz and Chris Tillman, along with promising young catcher Matt Wieters. It would be costly, but they have payroll room and could take the hit.
  • Shawn Chacon was suspended indefinitely for grabbing GM Ed Wade by the neck earlier this week. It is likely he will be released or trading in the next month. A team like the Rays should pounce on the opportunity to have a long relief pitcher who can make a start on their team.
  • Barry Bonds is not interested in playing anywhere but the major leagues. It is possible he will get a job next off season, but playing in the independent leagues gives him a chance to stay in playing shape.
  • The Mariners continue to shop their players and have called several teams about making a trade. Erik Bedard is the most talked about player, but don't be surprised to hear Raul Ibanez, Adrian Beltre, and Richie Sexson in trades coming up.