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The Race For 600: Ken Griffey Jr. Homerun Facts

Ken Griffey Jr. is one of the top hitters in the history of the game, but he has become a personal favorite to many baseball fans through his hard work, style, and respect for the game. Here is a run down of twenty interesting homerun facts:

20. Ken Griffey Jr.'s first homerun came off the White Sox pitcher Eric King.

19. His sixth career homerun happened to be an inside the park homerun.

19. His first multi-homerun game came May 30th, 1989, and he had all the teams RBIs (3).

18. Griffey has hit 398 homeruns versus right handers and 201 versus left handers.

17. When he is first pitch swinging, Griffey has hit 109 homeruns.

16. In 1990, Griffey hit two homeruns off Nolan Ryan in the same month (on separate occasions) to give his team the lead.

15. Griffey has had 0 leadoff homeruns, but has hit one homerun batting leadoff.

14. He has four game ending homeruns.

13. He has 207 go ahead homeruns.

12. He has hit more homeruns in the first inning that any other inning in his career (104).

11. In 1997, he had eight multi homerun games. One of which was a three homerun game where he hit two off of Roger Clemens and one off of Mike Timlin.

10. David Wells has given up more homeruns to Griffey than anyone else with eight. Second on that list is Roger Clemens with six.

9. Griffey has hit 64 homeruns at the Great American Ballpark.

8. If you were to include Griffey's homerun in the movie, Little Big League, he would have 600 homeruns.

7. In eleven All-Star appearances, Griffey is hitting .440 with 1 HR.

6. Griffey has hit 398 homeruns wearing the number 24, 138 wearing the number 30, 56 wearing the number 3, and 1 wearing the number 42.

5. Griffey has hit 38 homeruns against the Twins, the most among teams he has faced.

4. Griffey has hit 308 homeruns to straight away right field.

3. Four of his six homeruns this season have been when the game was tied.

2. Ken Griffey Sr. and Ken Griffey Jr. have hit a combined 751 homeruns.

1. Ken Griffey Jr. is now the sixth member of the 600 homerun club.