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Red Sox Won't Bring In Replacement

Rumors have surfaced that the Red Sox might look to bring in a free agent to replace David Ortiz. Among the names that have surfaced, Kenny Lofton and Barry Bonds stick out as the top two. However, the Red Sox have Chris Carter and Brandon Moss platooning in the role and they are doing a fine job. There is no need to bring in a new face and disrupt the chemistry of a first place team.

It doesn't look like Bonds will ever play in the major leagues again. Besides from being a distraction in the clubhouse, no one wants to pay 15 million dollars for a .270 hitter who might hit 25 homeruns. As for Lofton, he might get a job this season. He would have been smart to take the Rays offer before the season starter. The Cubs don't need him now with Jim Edmonds heating up. The Mariners or Padres could take a chance on him, but he might be done as well.