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Basball Prospectus Division Winner Predictions

Baseball Prospectus has come out with their forecast for the teams most likely to win their divisions. I'll keep their analysis short as space an issue. You can check out their deeper analysis at their website. Here are their 1, 2 picks in each division.
NL West- Diamondbacks, Dodgers
The two teams are so close that their staying healthy and any trade activity this week could flip-flop the prediction.
NL Central-Cubs, Brewers
Again, health will be key for the Cubs. They have weathered Soriano's absence and a two-week stretch without Kerry Wood and are still in first but the Brewers are coming on strong. BP still sees the Cubs as the superior team because of their depth and balanced roster.
NL East-Mets, Phillies
The Mets pitching rotation is as good as any in baseball. They could use a corner outfielder and they are working to do that this week. The Phillies have made it this far with a strong bullpen but they have production holes in their lineup. BP does point out though that they came on very strong last season at the beginning of September.
AL West-Angels, Rangers
The Angels have a strong, pitching rotation and their run production has been steady. Look for action before te trade deadline,as well. The Rangers have good offense but inconsistent pitching.
AL Central-Tigers,White Sox
While the White Sox have exceeded expectation and have been in first place most of the season, BP expects them to fall off in run production and pitching. BP sees the Tigers as being in big need of one more bat in order to squeek past the White Sox but they predict that happening.

Feel free to weigh in on whether you agree or disagree with BP.