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Biggest Needs for NL Playoff Contenders

Foxsports contributor Dayn Perry took a look at the most pressing needs for playoff contenders with the deadline being a mere eight days away.
- Let's start with the Cubs who came back from the All-Star break with a 4-game lead and after a dismal, offensively ice cold week, now cling to a one game lead over the Brewers. With Carlos Marmol's ERA at 8.83 since June 1st and Kerry Wood ding battle with a blister on his pitching hand that won't seem to heal, Perry sees their greatest need as relief pitching.
-The Brewers have made signifigant improvements by acquiring CC Sabathia and Ray Durham but could use some more middle relief help.
-For the Cardinals, it is also pitching, pitching, pitching. It is pretty impressive that they've been as successful as they have so far, considering the precarious condition of their rotation and their distinction of leading the league in blown saves.
The Mets need a corner outfielder and they need him now. Perry feels they need to go after a big name like Holliday, Bay, Dunn or Giles.
-The Phillies could use more pitching help, as well. Even with the addition of Joe Blanton, they could use another starter or some lefty relief help. Expect them to make a run for Brian Fuentes or Damasco Marte.
-The Marlins catcher situation is not pretty. Their catchers are hitting a combined .226 but the odds of landing a worthwhile catcher at the deadline are not looking too good. Like everybody else on this list, they could another starting pitcher.
-The Diamondbacks need a big bat. To that end, there are the aforementioned Giles and Dunn. They also might want to consider going after Mark Teixeira.
-The Dodgers-what don't they need?? Their ace and closer are both on the DL and their 2B, 3B and CF are all under-performing. Perry suggests Brian Roberts would boost the offense and defense at second base.

Some of these teams will be able to upgrade in the next week and some won't. There just isn't enough talent available to go around.