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The Challenge of Trading Teixeira

ESPN's Steve Phillips discusses the likelihood of the Braves finding a buyer for Mark Teixeira as being not too high. In the AL, the Red Sox and Angels don't seem inclined to consider him. The Angels don't look like they're in the market this week and Boston has David Ortiz, even if he's not 100%. In the NL, most of the contenders have solid players at first base- Mets' Carlos Delgado, Cubs' Derek Lee, Brewers' Prince Fielder, Cards' Albert Pujols, Phillies' Ryan Howard. The Diamondbacks have Conor Jackson and they also just acquired Tony Clark. This would seem to leave the Braves without a suitor.

Update:'s Jon Heyman says his sources among other team executives are telling him a trade for Teixeira is very likely by week's end. The Diamondbacks are contemplating sending young first baseman Chad Tracy to Atlanta in the exchange. The Angels, Dodgers and Red Sox are the other teams said to be interested.