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Quick Hits: Ramirez, Bay, Dunn, Washburn

-The Pittsburgh Post- Gazette is reporting that the Pirates and Rays are "deep into trade talks" for Jason Bay.
-The Phillies, Dodger and Marlins are said to be talking to the Red Sox about Manny. Frankly, its hard to believe that the Marlins, with their $22 million payroll, would step up for a player with a salary close to their total payroll. The Dodgers are a possibility but its being reported on that Ramirez favors Philadelpiha.
-There appear to be no serious nibbles for Reds OF Adam Dunn. He's only 28 and on track to hit 40 HRs yet there is little talk on the news outlets about him. He does strike out a lot but so do a lot of other power hitters. Could it be the remarks made last week by Toronto GM J.P. Ricciardi that Dunn is soft and no good in the clutch??
-The Jarrod Washburn deal between the Yankees and Mariners seemed a lot closer a couple days ago than it does today. The talks appear to have stalled because the Yankees want to include Kei Igawa and the Mariners don't want him.