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Quick Hits: Uribe/Cora, Pirates(not the Pittsburgh kind) Washburn

-The Uribe-Cora deal between the White Sox and Red Sox is off. The Boston Globe is reporting that the Red Sox are the ones who backed off but other news sources are saying the White Sox needed "something else" to fall into place for this deal to work.
-To whomever is pirating this website, you have done great harm here. Be gone.
-The Jarrod Washburn talks continue between the Yanks and the Mariners. The Yankees want to include Kei Igawa in the deal and Seattle is hesitating. The Newark Star-Ledger is reporting that the Yankees might be willing to part with Melky Carbrera, Brett Gardner or Justin Christian.
-While very interested in Xavier Nady, the Rays are unwilling to pay the Pirates high price and have turned their attention to the Indians Casey Blake.