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Quick Hits: What We Missed Today

*Who, among the Pirates is untouchable going into the deadline? It doesn't seem like anyone. While OF Xavier Nady and reliever Damasco Marte are the big names being dangled, their price tags may be too high for most teams to pay. However, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is reporting that SS Jack Wilson, OF, Jason Bay and returning pitcher John Grabow are also drawing interest.
*Mets Manager Jerry Manuel said yesterday that he expects the Mets to make a move for a big bat. While Matt Holliday, Xavier Nady and Jason Bay may top their list, they are also lloking at Raul Ibanez and Casey Blake.
*There were more than a dozen scouts at Friday night's game against Tampa Bay, in which AJ Burnett was pitching but GM J.P. Riccardi says he doesn't think there will be a deal for him because of his opt-out clause. He would draw too high a price for a short-term rental to most teams. However, let it be noted that the Yankees had scouts there and they never shy away from overpaying.