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Will They be Buyers or Sellers?

-The Tigers, 5.5 games behind division leading White Sox are trying to decide whether they will be buyers or sellers next week. While they sent scouts to look at O's George Sherrill Wednesday night, Dave Dombrowksi would not acknowledge if catcher Pudge Rodriquez might be available, after the Miami Herald reported Marlins interest. He would not say one way or the other which side of the market they planned to be on. He said, " We'll see what happens over the next week".
-The Atlanta Braves, with a 48-53 record and 6.5 games back must also decide in the next few days if they have much of a chance at a run this year or if they should give up some talent and look ahead to next year. There is interest in Mark Teixeira and pitcher Will Ohman. I guess the level of interestin those players and the team's play over this weekend will help management decide which side to be on.